Impacts of Having No Will 

Thinking of Getting Married 
If you have an existing Will getting married may invalidate your Will. 
You must appoint legal guardians for your children if they’re under 18 years old. 
All your worldly goods do not automatically pass to your partner and May end up not where you intended. 
Business Owner 
Have you considered what would happen if you’re no longer around to look after your staff and clients? 
Tenants in Common or Joint Tenancy. Do you know the difference and the tax implications? 
Separated / Divorced / Widowed 
Please check your Will as you may find it needs updating as it may be invalid. 

Types of Wills   


A Will is a legal document in which a person (the testator) directs how his property (assets) is to be distributed after his/her death. Such documents must be executed in due form, and in the UK must be duly witnessed...known as Attestation, by two people. 


A Mirror Will is simply two Wills that generally reflect each other's intent. There is nothing that ties the two Wills together legally. Typically one partner names the other as the main beneficiary, and the second partner mirrors this by naming the first partner as the main beneficiary. 

Mutual Wills 

These are separate wills made by two people under which it is agreed they will not be revoked. Should one of the parties die it will not be possible to change, amend or dispute these Wills. 




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