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 Types of Wills   

To help you prepare for our visit, we have made a list of some things you should consider and a brief explanation of some of the legal terms which may be used. 
1. Estimate the value of your estate by making a list of everything of value that you own – use our rough schedule of assets and liabilities as a guide 
2. Think about who you wish to appoint as your Executors – there is no maximum although a maximum of 4 can apply for the Grant 
3. If you have children – think about who you would want to act as their Guardians 
4. Decide who you want to benefit from your Will 
5. Make a list of any specific gifts of items or money that you wish to leave 
6. Have available the full names and addresses of everyone you are including in your Will 
7. List any questions or queries you may have about any aspect of your Will 
Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do. At Buckinghamshire Wills and Trusts, we endeavor to make the whole process as interesting and painless as 
possible – you will wonder why you have been putting it off. 
The appointment should take about an hour – I will take you step by step through the necessary questions and explain anything that is not clear. Within a week, you will receive a draft Will for you to check and amend if necessary. Once you have approved your draft Will, I will deliver your original Will which will need to be signed in the presence of two witnesses to make it a legally binding document. 
I have also enclosed a copy of our Letter of Engagement which I would be grateful if you would sign and have available for collection at our appointment. I will leave you with a copy for your records. 
I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Important things to consider   

Before our meeting, you may find it helpful to note down who you wish to benefit from your Will and who you wish to appoint as Executors / Guardians. Please compete the form below, and we will bring the information along to our meeting. 

Gifts of items 

Gifts of money 

Your Residuary Beneficiaries 

Executors & Guardians 

  Monetary Wealth  



To help us advise you correctly, please note down any other assets or responsibilities you may have. (property abroad, timeshares, pets, businesses, dependant relatives) 

Key Terms 

The people or organisations who will receive something from your Will. 
A gift of money or item(s) of your property which you leave to someone in your Will. 
A legal document appointing a person (s) to look after your affairs if you become unable to manage them yourself (either mentally or physically). 
Everything that belongs to you at the time of your death. 
The person (s) you appoint to carry out your wishes as stated in your Will. 
The process where your Will is legally validated. Your Executor (s) need to obtain a grant of probate before they can distribute your estate as you have instructed. 
The remainder of your estate after all debts, taxes expenses and specific gifts have been paid. 
A person (s) who is appointed by you to look after assets on behalf of certain beneficiaries (usually children). 

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